HYPER CUBE is developing “digital biomarker” technology related to cognitive function,
and is conducting research to establish the foundation of “high-precision intervention method” for the suppression of cognitive decline based on digital biomarker.

Digital biomarker for
high precision intervention

In order to improve cognitive function, it is essential to have a complex approach that covers the whole life, such as exercise, diet, and cognitive training, and it is important to make an optimal prescription based on the individual's lifestyle characteristics.
The individual-optimized intervention is required to be “high-precision intervention”, as is the case with “PRECISION MEDICINE” (high-precision medicine) currently used in drug treatment.
“Digital biomarkers” are the foundation for this high-precision intervention.
Regarding biomarkers related to cognitive functions, genomics / proteomics and analysis of radiographic images are being discussed.
While these can diagnose conditions, they are not useful for real-time situational diagnosis that includes lifestyle characteristics.
“Digital biomarkers”, which add digital devices to the intervention method and judge the current cognitive and behavioral situation more precisely and continuously, are the basic technology for high-precision intervention.

Approach using digital biomarkers

Digital biomarkers measure the state of cognitive function from various perspectives using smartphone apps, VR, AR, MR, etc.
It collects data such as user's cognitive functions and body movement areas, daily life cycle including diet and exercise, and communication status such as conversation as digital data and performs analysis to identify and compare AD, MCI and healthy person data.
In addition, digital biomarkers are intended to suppress intervention in cognitive decline at the same time as measurement. We will continue to evaluate the digital biomarker itself while simultaneously measuring and suppressing intervention to further improve the digital biomarker.
For suppression, we automatically analyze the cognitive status of individuals obtained from biomarkers, adapt software and suppression methods suitable for cognitive status to each individual, and provide measures to improve high-precision cognitive function.

Example of specific acquired data

Visualization of motor
and cognitive abilities
Visualization of motor and cognitive abilities by digitizing exercises such as synapses and cognizies
Nutrient visualization
Visualization of nutrients based on dietary information and water content
Visualization of body functions
Visualization of reflex speed, memory, etc. measured by cognitive function training using smartphones, VR, AR, MR, and visualization of basic physical functions such as vision and hearing
Visualization of conversation
Visualization of conversation by communicating through AI

By analyzing the data obtained from various approaches and quantifying the cognitive ability of users, we will consider intervening with the optimal suppression method.

service overhead view

Features of services provided by

  • 1

    Data is automatically acquired by digitizing the intervention method, and integrated implementation of evaluation and intervention is realized.

  • 2

    We evaluate physical functions and cognitive functions with an unprecedented approach, such as using MR, 3D camera images, and smartphones.
    Existing digital biomarkers track the life log of the elderly and continuously measure vitals with smart devices,
    but none continue to measure cognitive function directly.
    The benefits of the service we are aiming at are to focus on improving cognitive function, and comprehensively capture physical function, nutritional status, and cognitive function, and design an optimal intervention.